As a pet parent, you are faced with decisions about your pet and their well-being on a daily basis. After all, you have to think about when you should feed them, how often you should take them outside, when to visit the vet, and so much more. It makes sense that you might get nervous about boarding them whenever you travel or during long work hours. There are so many things to think about. You want to make sure to find the best available care when you board your pet.

When you have to leave your pet, you may want to consider leaving them at a vet clinic that offers boarding services, such as Balanced Pets in Traveler’s Rest. We offer a safe, clean, temperature-controlled environment to keep your pet happy and comfortable and we offer healthy meals, playtime, and lots of cuddles.

In this article, we’ll offer the top reasons you should consider a vet clinic for boarding your pet.

Top 5 Reasons

When you must travel, you don’t want to leave your pet all alone. You want to make sure that they feel safe and secure. There are lots of reasons to board your pet at a veterinary clinic. We’ve narrowed them down to the top 5:

They get top-quality care

Most pet parents are concerned about the well-being of their pets when they have to be away from them. Vet clinics that offer boarding services can provide an expert level of care due to their extensive knowledge of animals. The staff carefully monitors all of their patients and create a care plan based on age, health status, species, and other important factors.

Additionally, a vet clinic has equipment and expertise that can be used in the case of an emergency or for pets who need special care.

The staff has experience in caring for animals

If you must leave your pet behind for any reason, it’s important to note that the staff at a vet clinic has been trained in caring for a variety of animals. They will make sure that your pet gets the attention they need and that are well-fed, comfortable, and exercised. In most cases, the staff at a boarding facility is inexperienced and doesn’t know how to care for animals.

The facility has access to more resources than a dedicated boarding facility

Veterinary boarding facilities are staffed by vet techs and have access to equipment such as x-ray machines and other lab equipment. In addition, they can offer vet care and behavior counseling and usually have a higher staff to pet ratio. A vet clinic offering boarding services is the best option for pets with special needs or for pets who require vet services while their owner is away.

Pets are kept safe and secure

A veterinary professional is the best source for how to keep your pet safe and healthy- which is why a vet facility is the best option for boarding. They have everything needed to meet the specific needs of your pet. The staff has special training in how to properly care for a variety of different animals and are usually equipped with high-quality security systems to ensure the safety of your pet. Veterinary facilities offer the highest level of care for your furry friend.

Pets are given a high level of care/attention

Many pet parents choose to board their pets at a veterinary clinic that offers boarding services due to the high level of care and attention offered. The staff has the training necessary to provide a variety of care services for a variety of pets. In addition to standard care such as food and water, your pet will get exercise, socialization, and any medical attention they require.

Board Your Pet at Balanced Pets in Traveler’s Rest

When you need to be away from your pet and are considering your boarding options, let Balanced Pets in Traveler’s Rest help. We have the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive and integrative care for your pet. We will care for your furry friend like we would care for our own.